Post Frame Buildings


Get a building from one of the industry leaders

When you get a pre-engineered and pre-fabricated post frame building from the Lester Building line, you won't be disappointed. The business has been serving people like you since 1947.

These designs are known to be the best in both quality and functionality.

  • Farm & Ranch
  • Livestock
  • Equine
  • Hobby
  • Commercial

It used to be that “pre-engineered” meant a “pole barn” kit. Not anymore. Lester Buildings, a leading supplier of custom, pre-engineered buildings, redefines the category. We offer so many dynamic ways to customize, our buildings require an architect’s expert design. . Buildings are designed and built specifically per order, all based on customer needs and design as well local building codes and regulations. Construction efficiencies are an important part of the Lester design system. These efficiencies help with quicker installation times, easier installation instructions, and using less materials and waste. Most materials come pre-cut and labeled for ease of installation.


Have your building designed when you order

Your individual building can be built when you order. It is sure to fit all of your needs and visions while still meeting building codes and regulations.

The efficiencies you will find with Lester Building constructions allow for less material and waste. Most material you receive will come pre-cut and labeled for easier installation.

To learn more about the Lester Building system please feel free to visit their website.